Energy Management System

With electricity becoming more expensive and less reliable, the need for reliable energy resources continues to grow for both businesses and consumers. Reduce your electric bills by utilizing energy harnessed from a variety of renewable resources with a multifaceted energy management system. MI-GRID is a hybrid energy management system that combines and optimizes multiple energy sources to prevent power outages, save energy, and reduce the cost of electricity. Whether you need power for an off-road trip in the family RV, or for your food truck, our energy system ensures that you are never without power, no matter where you are.

Use Renewable Energy in Any Location

Mi-Grid makes renewable energy reliable. Mi-Grid is a hybrid energy system combing and storing energy from multiple sources. Solar, wind, utility and local generator, any energy source can be used. It can be used with out without utility power, even from unreliable power sources. The energy storage system smooths transition from one source to the next.  Mi-Grid allows renewable energy to offer true energy independence.

Built with durability in mind, our energy management system features NEMA-4 enclosures and is designed for either both indoor and outdoor applications. Each system tested before leaving our factory.  Whether you need short term backup power, long term energy assurance or off-grid power, Mi-Grid can supply your needs.

Mi-Grid has pre-design solutions for Homes (on and off-grid), Mobile (RV's, Food Trucks, Mobile businesses and contractors), Commercial systems for business of all types, on-shore and off-shore oil, and large and small micro-grids.  Call us to discuss your application today.

Make a Sound Investment in Reliable, Renewable Energy

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of making sound investments. Keep things running smoothly, no matter your situation. On-grid, solar provides savings, Mi-Grid keeps you on-line if the utility is down. It activates immediately, unlike a generator alone. Systems can be for essential power or full power. We can design a system to meet your needs for your budget.

For off-grid power, Mi-grid reduces generator fuel consumption and operation by 90%, but costs half of a standalone system. At times of high power usage, or low solar production, the generator supplements . Any place you might consider an off-grid generator, Mi-Grid will save you money. Some applications pay back in as little as 18 months, even without solar subsidies.

Our systems can be setup to not sell power to the utility. Instead, they save all of their excess energy in the batteries for use later. This makes it easy to take advantage of round-the-clock energy reserves for a number of applications including:

  • Remote Homes
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Mobile Businesses
  • Isolated and Developing Communities
  • Military and Emergency Response
  • Offshore and Remote Installations

Turn to us for a hybrid energy system that powers your life. Available for small RV’s to large homes and commercial buildings, our hybrid energy systems power your life with consistent performance and exceptional storage capacity.

Contact our specialists to save energy and reduce your electrical costs with a hybrid energy management system. We proudly serve customers worldwide.

Mi-Grid can be Installed Anywhere!
  • Systems feature NEMA-4 enclosures for durability
  • Many packaging options, including wall-mounted, indoor, outdoor, or trailer mounted for easy transport
  • Systems available from 1kW to 2MW
  • Each system is fully factory tested prior to shipment
  • Business & Residential systems typically installed through Solar Installers or EPCs
  • Larger system installations customized to the specifications of the application.
  • Kits available for self install
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Why Choose Mi-Grid?

Power Your Life With Reliable Renewable Energy

Easy to Install
Can pay for Itself in Less than a Year
Never Lose Power
Reliable Renewable Energy

Client Testimonials

Find out what our clients have to say.

"Quick quality install. Love the backup features while saving money."

– Steve G

“Quick quality install. Love the backup features while saving money.” – Steve G

"We needed a system to provide backup power for our surgical unit. Great system and so easy to install."

– Texas Doctor

“We needed a system to provide backup power for our surgical unit. Great system and so easy to install.” – Texas Doctor

"I'm down the end of a long old electric line. Backup power with my solar only made sense. I love how the solar works."

– Bill W.

“I’m down the end of a long old electric line. Backup power with my solar only made sense. I love how the solar works.” – Bill W.

"Great little off-grid system to power all of my needs."

– Kathy

“Great little off-grid system to power all of my needs.” – Kathy