Energy Applications

MI-GRID was originally designed as an off-grid alternative, specifically for the offshore oil industry. By supplying a supplemental generator, the size and cost of the system is reduced, while increasing reliability.

Off-Grid Energy - Powering Remote Businesses and Residences

MI-GRID has off-grid systems designed for houses and remote businesses. Using advanced battery technology with solar panels and other renewable resources, it provides users with a constant source of economic and ecological power. Our off-grid energy alternatives offer greater energy savings than the traditional renewable or generator power. 

For the hands-on customer, we’re proud to offer easy-to-install kits available in a number of options, including solar panels and mounting equipment.

MI-GRID also makes renewable energy micro-grids for off-grid remote villages or islands where grid expansion is not feasible or too expensive. Mi-Grid off-grid systems makes sense even for some utility supplied areas, where the utility lines are far from the area that needs power. Mi-Grid creates more energy, at a lower cost of installation and a far lower operating cost than using a standalone solar or prime generator.

Off-grid Cabin

Offering Solar Power for RVs, Gourmet Food Trucks, Mobile Businesses and contractors

When it comes to your food truck or other mobile business, your focus should be providing your customers with delicious meals, not playing with your generator. Ensure you're  always ready to go with energy that works at any time of day or night. Refueling and maintaining a generator can be a hassle. Eliminate the headaches of refueling a generator by fitting solar power to your food truck. But Mi-Grid is a Hybrid systems. Mi-Grid plugs in at night, recharging batteries with inexpensive utility power. During the day, the solar panels help provide power. And if the batteries run low, the generator recharges them, then shuts down, all automatically. Don't have that annoying generator run all day long. Keep it quiet for your customers.

All mobile business can benefit. Mobile dog groomers, blood mobiles even contractors. If you use a generator in your business, Mi-Grid will save you money. Run time and fuel consumption are reduced by up to 90%, giving you the freedom to do what you want to do.

With a Mi-Grid installed on your RV, you can have full power anywhere. You are not limited to RV parks. Run you air conditioning literally anywhere. Mi-Grid charges the batteries during the day with power from solar panels and returns the power anytime you need. The backup generator recharges the batteries if they become low. But it shuts down automatically, saving fuel, generator life and maintenance costs. And don't forget the quiet. Full power while the generator is off!  

RVs & Food Trucks

Advanced Photovoltaic Technology for Grid-Tied Structures

All of our configurations are controlled and monitored by an integrated energy management system that’s able to switch between sources so fast, you’ll never notice the turnover. A Generator backs up the solar and the utility power.

  • Standard designs from 5kW to 20kW of solar
  • A 220 volt AC system with sustained output of 4kW to16kW
  • Inverter power doubles for motor and air conditioner starting surge
  • Auto starting generator to recharge batteries
  • Indoor or outdoor designs
  • Essential power systems keep your lights and outlets powered, using the generator for high demand appliances
  • Full power systems power all your needs
  • Recyclable AGM batteries
Grid-tied System

MI-GRID is different than regular utility connected solar power. Unlike traditional solar, Mi-Grid can store its excess power instead of selling it back to the utility. Stored power is available even if the utility goes down. Regular solar systems shut down when the utility is out. If an outage occurs, Mi-Grid switches in 1/60th of a second. You may not even notice!  Additional benefits of our home photovoltaic technology include:

  • Saves up to 90% more on fuel and run time than a standalone backup generator
  • Generates between 2.2kW to 2MW of continuous power
  • 5 to 20 kW solar arrays, custom systems of any size
  • Works day or night, rain or shine
  • Custom systems can be configured to your needs
  • Energy management system chose least expensive, most reliable power, switches in 1/60th of a second
  • The power stays on even when utility out

Alternative Energy Applications for Business

MI-GRID photovoltaic energy systems are 99.99% reliable, saving your business from losses and ultimately saving you money. Solar saves you money, but stored energy keeps the lights and power on. Losing electric power can affect your business. With a simple generator, you still lose power before the system comes on. With Mi-Grid, the power switches to inverter power in 1/60th of a second. You never lose power! Our backup generator adds further reliability for times when the solar panels are not producing.

Businesses also qualify for more than the Federal tax credit. Solar systems can be depreciated on an accelerated basis, up to 50% in the first year! Depending on your tax rate, over 60% of your system could be covered by the Federal government alone. Additional saving may be available locally.

Solar Power Energy for Military Applications and Emergency Management

Military all over the world are turning to alternative energy. In remote areas, alternative energy is attractive since it uses no fuel.  Mi-Grid’s energy management system connects renewable energy sources with military-grade generators and even intermittent/unreliable local power. Excess power is stored for use later. Compared to a generator alone, more than 90% savings can occur. And in many places, the cost of transporting fuel can allow a Mi-Grid to pay for itself in a matter of months. And Mi-Grid will continue to work as a standalone solar system if fuel is not available.

In Disaster areas, reliable power is essential. Many times, the local utility structure is destroyed. Fuel is difficult to obtain. Mi-Grid provides solar power, day or night and uses the generator sparingly for times of high power or low solar production.

  • 2.2kW to 2MW, 120/240VAC one phase and 240/480VAC three-phase systems
  • NEMA-4 enclosure for outdoor mounting
  • Lithium T-6 style batteries for small systems
  • Can use standard T-6 batteries
  • Small forward base options 2.2-4 kW 110VAC
  • Use existing auto start generators, no need to buy a new one
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 90%
  • Can use intermittent “dirty” electricity
Military Camps

MI-GRID Offshore Renewable Energy Systems

Offshore platforms can benefit from renewable energy. Mi-Grid can be used in many ways: Critical systems are supplied by solar, backed up by small generators. Larger systems benefit from 90% reduction in generator run time and operation. Multiple systems can be staggered to provide more power. Power redundancy creates reliability; renewables save money. Designed to use any alternative energy source, our renewable energy systems meet the following performance standards:

  • 12kW to 2MW three-phase continuous power
  • 480VAC three-phase power
  • Short starting surge power up to two times continuous
  • Custom solar arrays
Offshore Platform

Our offshore renewable energy systems offer a number of benefits including:

  • Phases can be unbalanced
  • Existing generator can be used
  • NEMA 4X enclosures - 316SS or 6061-T6
  • Systems can be staggered to produce more power
  • Option for 240VAC three phase
  • Option for 220VAC single phase
  • Custom solar arrays
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 90% or more!

Protect Your Home and Family with a Backup Generator Solution

Mi-Grid systems can be installed in stages. Grid-tied solar or backup generator, then the Mi-Grid system to tie it all together. Maximum solar tax credit and incentives apply when the system is installed at the same time.

We proudly supply Briggs & Stratton automatic home generator with our systems. Mobile systems typically use gasoline powered generators. You can even supply or use your existing generator, as long as it is capable of remote start.


Contact our specialists for more information about our alternative energy applications. We proudly serve customers worldwide.